And the winner is…

3 06 2010

…my adopted hometown of Chicago!

Thanks to all who voted. If you were campaigning for D.C. and Gettysburg, don’t worry; they are way too juicy for me to leave alone for long. You can’t swing a dead cat in either place without hitting something supposedly haunted. And historic.

Off I go to research Chicago haunts. In the meantime: Have you ever had a brush with something spooky? Your ghost stories. I want them.




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3 06 2010

OMG, I can tell you an extremely creepy story about my first house here in Indy – near Butler University. It’s better in person.

3 06 2010

Well, you should probably go to the Biograph, or to the Archer Ave. cemetery to see Resurrection Mary…

3 06 2010
William Smith

When we lived in Detroit we had our first 2 cats, Bismarck and Boris. It was a typical Detroit bungalow with living room, dining area, and kitchen in the front, then a longish skinny hallway that went back to the bath and bedrooms. Both of the cats would sit, often for 10-15 minutes at a time, and stare down the hall. It was obvious that they were watching something, head movements, eye movements, even though nothing was there. Then, suddenly, they would break off, as though something had left their field of view, and go back to their usual cat activities. We never saw, heard, or felt anything in association with these incidents, which were many, but the cats certainly did!

14 06 2010

If you decide to do something about Resurrection Mary, Mom can show you exactly where it is. We’re only about 5 mins away from “that spot” on Archer.

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