The tie-breaker

19 08 2010

Well, it’s come down to a tie between Savannah and the Ohio State Reformatory. Both are worthy, as far as the combination of ghosts and history goes, so I settled it with the completely scientific method of a coin toss. After finding the coin (it went under my desk) I can now report to you that the Ohio State Reformatory has prevailed. So, get ready for tales of an allegedly haunted prison. (Hm. Are there any prisons not allegedly haunted? A question for the ages.)

A couple of links for you, dear readers.

Ghostly ScienceĀ  in Carthage, Missouri. Normally I do not go in for the whole paranormal investigators thing, since they try to quantify something I consider to be inherently unquantifiable. But it’s definitely a good way to draw a new audience into a historic house, and educate them in the process.

Meet the Ghostly Residents of the Historic Hotels of the Rockies. If you’re looking for some eerie ambiance this fall, head out west. The nineteen different establishments that make up the Historic Hotels of the Rockies are offering a wide variety of spooky events throughout October and November. Word of advice: don’t watch The Shining before you go.





2 responses

19 08 2010

I think you need to come to the Stanley Hotel in the fall yourself, friend. It’s fantastically spooky – and beautiful. And come see me while you’re out here.

21 10 2010
William Smith

When I was working for Ohio DR&C I had to check inmates who were transported to Lima after a little riot broke out at Mansfield. I don’t think you’d need anything scarier than the inmates there, but I do look forward to reading your posting.

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